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Arcadia, CA 91007

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Expertise in Business Law and Estate Planning

Based in Los Angeles, our firm is uniquely multicultural and serves a diverse group of clients. Rooted in a city booming with Asian American business exchanges, we assist clients with both inbound investments from and outbound investments to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

In addition to assisting with business transactions, we also provide wealth transfer planning services for clients who have accumulated assets here in the United States and abroad.

These services include estate and gift tax planning, trust planning, wills and powers of attorney that ensure peace of mind for the client and the client’s family.

Given the small size of our firm, we take pride in meeting individual needs. We strive to provide a hospitable and comfortable environment for our clients. We work closely and personally with our clients to achieve their success, security, and prosperity.

Practice Areas

  • Trust & Estate

    • Revocable living trust
    • Irrevocable trust
    • Family Limited Partnership
    • Probate Administration
    • Trust Administration
    • Special Need Trust
  • Business and Corporate

    • Business formation
    • Business buy and sell
    • Business gifting and discounting
    • Real estate sale and purchase
    • Business litigation
    • Nonprofit and tax exempted entity
  • International transaction and tax

    • Joint venture and licensing agreement
    • Manufacture and sales agreement
    • Foreign national and expiration tax
    • Portfolio loan and interest
  • EB-5 green card

    • "Million Dollar" investor visa
    • Regional center visa
  • Taiwan law practice

    • Expert witness on Taiwan law
    • Taiwan court litigation