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Jessika Ko

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Jessika Li-Juan Ko began practicing law in 1992 and for over two decades has made immense contributions to the preservation of justice while serving at several law firms in Taiwan including Formosa Transnational, Lee and Li and Perkins Coie (Taiwan). In 2000, she established her own office and was honorably selected as outside counsel for many international institutions, government agencies, and multinational corporations. Jessika’s office is a rare Taiwanese law firm with capabilities and expertise to accommodate the needs of clients who transcend national boundaries.

Jessika became the first lawyer to earn the coveted China Aviation Development Foundation Scholarship to fund her pursuit of a Master’s degree in aviation and space law at McGill University in Canada. She also became the first Asian to earn the sponsorship by the American Boeing Air and Space Law scholarship. Adding to her credentials, she taught in Tunghai University in Taiwan and served as a guest speaker as well as panel participant in many international conferences. She further published articles regarding China-Taiwan cross-strait investment as well as legal issues related to international air transportation in Mainland China. As a result, Jessika possesses both comprehensive in-depth theoretical knowledge and rich legal practice experiences.

Beyond her specialization of air and space law and space law, Jessika has been providing legal advice concerning various intellectual property rights since 1992, and holds a patent agent certification. Given her familiarity with economic law, she has unique insights to navigate complex issues associated with antitrust matters under the Fair Trade Act. Furthermore, she has extensive experiences in labor regulatory affairs. She not only participated in the lobby to amend labor law, but also was responsible for mediating a number of serious labor dispute litigation cases as well as drafting numerous labor contracts. She is one of a few bilingual English and Chinese attorneys who have the expertise to handle both litigation and non-litigation matters in civil law, criminal law and administrative regulations.

To uphold her commitment to the community as a pillar of justice, Jessika enthusiastically educates clients with legal knowledge beyond merely providing advice, so that they can better protect their own interests whenever unforeseen situations arise. Jessika has won numerous lawsuits but more importantly seeks compromises that benefit all parties as a strategy to avoid unnecessary litigation. Given that she always holds empathy with high regard, establishes a strong trust and friendship with clients, possesses a powerful cache of expertise, and seeks to embrace win-win situations, it is no doubt why she has been successful in her representation of international institutions, government agencies and multinational companies throughout the years.